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Symbolic Exchanges is a collection of essays on new forms of interaction in digital and material media. I explore tensions, distractions, poetic moments and outright contradictions in media interaction. The style is humorous and should address a general reader as well as experts in media studies. I feel indebted to the writings of Jean Baudrillard, the French media sociologist-come-wizard, but decided for a more approachable style. Entries appear in
German and English on a non-regular basis. So what’s this for? It’s for beauty and a better conscience.

On the background of this, check out my book on Symbolic Exchange and Baudrillard’s early works – Wider die Simulation: Medien und Symbolischer Tausch [Against Simulation: Media and Symbolic Exchange]  For Free. On Amazon. In German.

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A note on frequency: If I were a news medium, not publishing daily would put me out of business. Luckily, I am neither a news medium, nor in that business. Articles take some time to prepare and are often inspired by something striking, new or really interesting. Until an event or thought qualifies as such, I spare you the rest and publish when I see a need for it. After all, there is RSS …

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