Miniature: Urban Confidence

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Back in the city of R—, hunched in between slopes and meadows, bathed in wintry sunlight spreading faint hopes of spring. Trying to find a place for lunch by recommendation of a friend, I turn into main street. No sign of a place like that. Disappointed, I opt for the second-best choice, discovering upon arrival, that this place looks very much like the place described. In fact, it is just this place in a different location. A small town, after all.

On a Wednesday afternoon the room is crowded and warm. Old friends drinking to memory’s best choices, new friends celebrating their acquaintances. International designs and local customs intersect on furniture and menus. Youngsters gather for chat and coffee, all raised in brightly- lit cozy classrooms, with their drawings scattered over the walls. Inside the majestic building on a hilltop, a feudal mansion of sandstone and timber, fenced in to secure a haven of learning and creativity. All arms raised at a benevolent question of the teacher, no one was left out.

They are confident of themselves, their family and friends, loyal to tradition and progress in every way they speak and assemble, in their consumption and bonding preferences. Despite the cosmopolitan air, the ham they eat here, is still made by a neighbor.


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