It’s fun

May 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

It's in the game

So, you think, there is much more to be gained? This message is not everything? For me, the first question would be: Why is there no fun at home, compared to “more fun” by the xbox?

The ad can only work on the assumption that the everyday world of home, almost used in a derogatory sense, is to be rejected. Where does this assumption come from? My intuitive sense to the placing of this ad would be: at first, conditions beyond your reach and influence put you in a situation of income generation, where your choice of leisure activities becomes extremely limited (time?). Then, they (and we are not talking about anyone in particular) are offering a ready escape from this limited time. Thereby, less time is even available for any other activity, other than … playing DVD’s or the XBOX. A pattern of activity, infinitely repeatable, asocially or in full conscience of the others around.

My day started at 4.30 with a dedicated reading of some disciplinary theory in literature (Fish, White, Hegel, Snow, Habermas, Marx). Why are you irritated, that I don’t get the fascination you exhibit in your infatuation with repetitive digital media of the consumer universe? What is your disciplinary theory?


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